Tree Lopping Melbourne & Victoria

Lopping trees is a harmful pruning practice that is unfortunately commonly used around the suburbs among unqualified tree service providers (Tree Loppers).

Lopping stresses trees and more often than not causes extensive long-term damage resulting in structurally unsound trees and liabilities.
Some of the long-term damage includes causing hazardous trees by promoting epicormic growth (re-shooting stress growth), which is likely to break out of the tree especially in high winds.

Lopping also causes decay ultimately resulting in tree failure, which is a liability to the tree owner.
It is an expensive solution, as the tree will need regular pruning and assessments by a qualified arborist to manage the damage and risk potential. If the tree doesn’t survive the lopping and dies, removal is then required, another expense.

A well maintained and healthy tree can add a monetary value to a property, as well as amenity and environmental values.